About the Author

Who is behind Roman Imperium’s blog?
Well, this is a post about me, Gaurav or the author of Roman Imperium. A short article on why I love Rome and how I came about to writing this blog. I thought it would be a welcome change from the usual string of articles about the Roman Republic (and soon Empire).

Well, in the few articles I remembered to put my name on the end, I’m Gaurav. While I have a deep rooted passion for ancient history, especially in the Greco-Roman sphere, I have not studied history beyond 10th grade. I specialise in Banking, finance through my education up to the Masters level. I will be commencing a job in the field very shortly.

To many, my fascination with Ancient Roman history baffels them. I really am expected to follow ancient Indian history, and modern day history. But can’t help it, I find those particular phases of history to be dry. The Greco-Roman world has always captured my attention right from Day 1.

How did I get into Ancient history, in particular the Romans? I honestly do not remember. I remember reading various fact books and history books for kids, yet I was always drawn to the military sections of any civilisation (Persians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Macedonians, etc) and anything related to the Roman Empire.

To me, the Romans represented the epitome of Ancient civilisations (yes I do acknowledge that it is a bias and opinion statement). The structure and might of the legions even as a kid made me admire them. They were the largest ancient empire that fought with primarily infantry, and their advancements in the fields of medicine, transportation, military and logistics have helped in the development of the world we know as it is today.

It was not till I moved to the UK for a year that I was able to fully express my passion and interest in the Romans. The Athenian Inspector (Dan) was also a student at the dorm. Incidentally, like a true Ancient we had political and ancient history talk completely smashed.

However, it felt great to know people actually appreciate such interests. I know it can be dry but passion is passion. It was pretty much normal for myself, Dan and our good friend Thibault to meet up at the nearby pub at least once a week for dinner. While topics would be political, general, friends, etc. Ancient history was never once excluded from our conversations.

Proud to say that every time we held a toast with our drinks, I would always raise it to Emperor Aurelian or Julius Caesar, my favourite Roman leaders. The idea for the blog came from Dan, who had just started his blog, the Athenian Inspector. After a bit of thought, the conclusion was ‘ Why not?’. I continue my passion with the Romans, while also working.

Since then, I have focused so far on the Republican era of Rome. I still have quite a few articles on the Republic side I wish to write, before transiting into the Empire. Which is why I have not written on Caesar or Octavian yet. I will get there eventually. It is challenging to juggle my commitments, but I plan to keep this blog updated as frequently as I can, and share my insights into the Roman world with all of you.
To Dan, thanks for the idea and looking forward to our discussions at a Wetherspoons Pub soon.

To all of my viewers, Thank you for viewing my blog
Interested in the world of Ancient Greece? Check out the Athenian Inspector at : https://athenianinspector.wordpress.com/

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